Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

COFC (Container on Flatcar)

COFC means the practice of loading a container onto a flatcar without chassis for long-distance transport.

What is COFC (Container on Flatcar)?

COFC (Container on Flatcar) is a form of intermodal transportation in which shipping containers are loaded onto railroad flatcars for long-distance transport. COFC is also known as containerization, as the containers are standardized and can be easily transferred between different modes of transportation, such as ships, trains, and trucks. COFC allows cargo to be transported over long distances using multiple modes of transportation, without the need for cargo handling or reloading. This can help reduce transportation costs and improve delivery times by optimizing the use of different modes of transportation. COFC is commonly used for transporting a wide variety of goods, including consumer goods, industrial products, and raw materials.