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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


Taipei,Taiwan Province,Taiwan,China

IATA Code TPE City Code
City code of TPE: refers to metropolitan areas of Taipei
Airport Name Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport City Taipei
Region Taiwan Province Country/Region Taiwan,China (TW)
Time Zone+08:00ContinentAsia
Airport Type Customs Airport Bank Work Time Table
Hub for (Airlines) CI / BR / B7 / IT / AE / JX / XJ / CX / PR / TR / TG Phone Number +886 3 398 3728
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Direct Flight from TPE

Airport NameIATA CodeFlight Number
Dubai International Airport DXB EK(EK367)
Gimhae International Airport PUS CI(CI188,CI186)
Chiang Mai International Airport CNX
Kuala Lumpur International Airport KUL CI(CI-5853,CI-721,BR217,BR227)
Asahikawa Airport AKJ BR(BR136)
Cheongju International Airport CJJ
Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport BKK CI(CI-835,CI-833,CI-833,CI-835,CI-5441,CI-5455,CI-065,BR061,BR067,BR075,BR205,BR6819)
Manila International Airport MNL PR(PR891,PR895,PR897,CI-701,CI-703,CI-703,CI-5847,CI-5879,CI-701,BR277,BR261,BR271)
Los Angeles International Airport LAX CI(CI-008,CI-5156,CI-5118,CI-5108,BR006,BR016,BR012)
Hong Kong International Airport HKG CX(CX5,CX403,CX421,CX443,CX479,CI5835,CI601,CI919,CI921,BR867,BR827,BR891)
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport SEA CI(CI-5382,CI5236,CI-5392,BR026)
Takamatsu Airport TAK CI(CI278,CI178)
Kalibo International Airport KLO
Macau International Airport MFM BR(BR807,BR805)
Singapore Changi Airport SIN CI(CI-5879,CI-753,CI-5883,CU-5873,CI-5871,SQ877,SQ879,BR215,BR2203,BR2201,BR225)
New Chitose Airport CTS CI(CI-130,BR166,BR116,BR0116,BR0166)
Hakodate Airport HKD BR(BR138)
Indira Gandhi International Airport DEL CI(CI-071,BR067)
Palau International Airport ROR CI(CI28)
Istanbul Ataturk International Airport ISL
NoiBai International Airport HAN CI(CI-6879,CI0791,CI-6879,CI-6595,CI-6879,BR397)
Puerto Princesa International Airport PPS
John F Kennedy International Airport JFK CI(CI0012,CI-5392,CI-5322,BR030,BR032)
Niigata Airport KIJ
Hiroshima Airport HIJ CI(CI-112)
Jeju International Airport CJU
Kota Kinabalu International Airport BKI MH(MH69)
Tokyo Haneda International Airport HND CI(CI-220,CI-222,BR192,BR190,BR2176,BR2178)
Yangon International Airport RGN CI(CI-7915)
Tan Son Nhat International Airport SGN CI(CI-781,CI-783,CI-781,CI-783,CI-6879,CI-6879,CI-5885,BR2381,BR391,BR395)
Angkor International Airport REP
Akita Airport AXT
Daegu International Airport TAE
Kushiro Airport KUH
Ishigaki Airport ISG
Don Mueang International Airport DMK
Juanda International Airport SUB CI(CI-751,BR231)
Shizuoka Airport FSZ CI(CI168)
Auckland Airport AKL CI(CI-051,CI-053)
Naha Airport OKA CI(CI120,CI122,BR112)
Melbourne Airport MEL CI(CI057)
Phnom Penh International Airport PNH CI(CI0861,BR265)
Ngurah Rai - Bali International Airport DPS CI(CI-771,BR255,BR255)
Fukuoka Airport FUK CI(CI-166,CI-110,BR106,BR102,BR106)
Miyazaki Airport KMI CI(CI114)
Sendai Airport SDJ B7(BR118,BR0118,BR0118)
Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport GUM CI(CI-026)
San Francisco International Airport SFO CI(CI-004,BR008,BR018,BR028)
Daniel K. Inouye International Airport HNL CI(CI-002,CI-018)
Brisbane Airport BNE CI(CI-053,BR315)
Sydney Airport SYD CI(CI-055,CI-051)
Frankfurt International Airport FRA CI(CI-061)
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport CGK CI(CI-5853,CI-761,CI-679,BR237)
London Gatwick Airport LGW CI(CI69,CI69)
Vancouver International Airport YVR CI(CI-032,BR010)
Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ BR(BR036)
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG BR(BR087)
Kagoshima Airport KOJ CI(CI118)
Chu-bu Centrair International Airport NGO JL(JL822,CI-150,CI-154,CI-154)
Toyama Airport TOY CI(CI170)
Komatsu Airport KMQ BR(BR158)
Narita International Airport NRT JL(JL804,CI-100, CI-018,CI-106,CI-5706,CI-5706,BR2180,BR198,BR196)
Kansai International Airport KIX CI(CI-158,CI-5148,CI-172,CI-172,CI-156,BR178,BR132,BR130,BR180,BR0130,BR0132,BR0180)
Okayama Airport OKJ
Rome Fiumicino Airport FCO CI(CI-071)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol AMS KL(KL808,CI-073,BR075)
Penang International Airport PEN CI(CI-731,CI-5885,CI-6595,BR227,BR215)
Wien-Flughafen Airport VIE CI(CI-063,BR061)
Incheon International Airport ICN CI(CI-160,CI-160,CI-162,BR170,BR0160,BR150)
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Introduction of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE, ICAO: RCTP) is located about 40 km west of Taipei in Dayuan District, serving Taipei and northern Taiwan. The airport is operated by the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, a company wholly owned by the Government of Taiwan. The airport has two parallel runways, with one 3660 meters in length and another 3800 meters in length and both 60 meters wide, enabling them to cater to the next generation of aircraft. In 2015, the airport was the 11th busiest airport worldwide in terms of international passenger numbers, and 6th busiest in terms of international freight traffic. In 2018, Taiwan Taoyuan handled a record 46.5 million passengers and 2.3 billion kg of freight, making it the 11th busiest airport worldwide by international passenger traffic, and 8th busiest in terms of international freight traffic in 2018.

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