Unit Converter for Shipping


0.62 mi


2.2 lb


1.2 yr²

Volume and Capacity

Shift Conversion
0.26 gal

What is a unit converter used for?

A Unit Conveter expresses the same property as a different unit of measurement. For instance, weight can be expressed in kilograms instead of pounds, while distance can be converted from miles to kilometers, or feet, or any other measure of length. Often measurements are given in one set of units, such as feet, but are needed in different units, such as inches. A conversion factor is a numeric expression that enables conversions like metres to feet, inches to cm, kg to lbs and more, as equal exchanges.

In human history, various unit systems were developed and used in different regions and cultures. Currently, the global standard of measurement is the International System of Units (SI), which is a modern form of the metric system. Although SI is intended for global use, it has not been fully adopted, and some other systems of measurement are still used in parts of the world.