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Overview:      Thailand container port. It is located in the East Bank of Bangkok Bay, Southeast of Bangkok city. Outside the port, the sea route is about 5 nautical miles to the north, 60 nautical miles to Bangkok port, 50 nautical miles to sotoyi port in the south, 376 nautical miles to songka port, 791 nautical miles to Singapore port, and 1450 nautical miles to Hong Kong in the northeast; Behind, there is Bangkok's Langman International Airport. The port used to be the container transit port of Bangkok port. Due to the tortuous and insufficient water depth of the Mekong River Waterway in Bangkok port, it is difficult for container ships with a length of more than 173 meters to enter the port. With the increasing container handling capacity in Bangkok port, and in order to meet the needs of larger container ships coming to Bangkok, the Hong Kong side began to invest 2.03 billion baht at the end of 1987 to establish a container transit port here. There are three container handling berths, each 300 meters long and 14 meters deep, with an annual handling capacity of 600000 TEUs, which can dock at the third and fourth generation container ship terminals. At the same time, there is a multi-purpose berth, and it is planned to build two bulk grain berths and one coastal berth. There is Xichang island outside the port to block the wind and waves, so the natural conditions are superior. In February 1992, the Thai government decided to approve the port to become the first international container handling port in Thailand. With the establishment of the specialized container port, it will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of container transportation in Thailand and further develop the terminal handling equipment of the port itself. The port is almost connected with the port of Lacha in the north.

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