Smalkalden Port (SRSMA)

Port Code SRSMA City Paranam
Port Name PARANAM>SMALKALDEN Country/Region Suriname
Category Port Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Dry Port

Introduction of Smalkalden Port (SRSMA)


      A port in the Republic of Suriname. It belongs to west 4 district. The minimum water depth of the channel is 5.2m, and there is no sand bar. The loading density of water is 1000. The spring tide range is 2.7 meters and the neap tide range is 2 meters. The prevailing wind direction is northeast. The communication between the ship and the port is forced to pilot by VHF channels 12 and 16. The pilot station is in Paramaribo. The requirements of port holidays, working hours and ship arrival documents refer to Mengo port. No ship repair, dry dock, towing, sewage, fuel loading, small boat facilities, fresh water, food supplies, medical conditions, repatriation. There is a wharf with 165 meters of mooring space and a minimum berthing depth of 7.5 meters. The average working speed of bauxite loading conveyor is 800 t / h.

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