Chinhae (KRCHI)

Port Code KRCHI City Chinhae
Port Name Chinhae Country/Region Korea, South
Category Port City Route SOUTH KOREAN
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Introduction of Chinhae (KRCHI)



      Jinhae (Chinhae, KR), is a city in southern Korea Gyeongsangnam-do. In 1955, he separated from Changwon County and was upgraded to a city. It is the location of an important military port in South Korea. During the period of Japanese occupation, there were a lot of cherry trees planted here, so it is famous for viewing cherry blossoms. It forms a living circle with the neighboring cities of Masan and Changwon, and is called "Shanhaiwon". According to a report on September 11 by the "Daily Business", the three cities of Masan, Changwon, and Zhenhai will be integrated into one. It has an area of ​​111.89km2 and a population of 141,124.

It forms a living circle with the neighboring Qianmasan City (currently Masan Huiyuan District and Masan Hepu District of Changwon City) and Changwon City, and is called "Shanhaiyuan" and "Machang Town".

Geographical Location

Located at 128°50'34" east longitude and 35°10'34" north latitude, it is located on the southernmost coast of the Korean Peninsula (latitude is the same as Oklahoma City, Mimbis City, Japan, and east longitude; longitude is the same as Russia's Kezhuke, the same as Harbin, China). It is adjacent to Changwon City, the capital of South Gyeongsang Province, the center of Korea's machinery industry, and Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.

There are clean and quiet waters (Blue Belt), the coastline is 107㎞ Rias-style coast, and the town bay has 26 islands of different sizes (inhabited islands 4). Affected by the Tsushima current (Tsushima current), the high temperature ( 10~20℃), high salt water (34.2~34.7%)

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Summary of KRCHI

Jinhae Port (port code: KRCHI), formerly known as Chinhae port, is a medium-sized port in South Korea. It is located on the southeast coastline, approximately 11 kilometers southeast of Masan and close west of Busan New Port.
The port is administered by Masan and its function is to expand the facilities of Masan port. It offers facilities for handling break bulk and dry bulk. There is also a large STX shipbuilding yard 4 kilometers to the south of the port.
The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are fishing vessels, accounting for about 28%; general cargo vessels, taking up around 14; and tankers, taking a proportion of 11%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 290 meters. The maximum draught is 9 meters. The maximum deadweight is 92,762t.