Arkhangelsk Port (RUARH)

Port Code RUARH City Arkhangelsk
Port Name ARKHANGELSK Country/Region Russia
Category Port City Route RUSSIAN FAR EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Arkhangelsk Port (RUARH)

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Summary of RUARH

Port of Arkhangelsk (Port Code: RUARH) is a major seaport at Arkhangelsk, located at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River, 50 km from the Dvina Bay of the White Sea. With the suburbs of Ekonomiya and Solombala, the Port of Arkhangelsk stretches for about 16 kilometers along both sides of the river as well as several islands in the river's delta. The important point links with coastal areas of the Russian North. Lumber, pulp, coal, machinery, metals, industrial and consumer goods are transported through the port. Today it is the busiest timber-exporting port of the country, the base for a large fishing fleet as well as the western end of the Northern Sea Route.