Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

ROB (Remaining on Board)

Remaining on Board or ROB is that the oil, water, sludge and sediment in the vessel's cargo tanks, associate lines and pumps after the vessel has completed the discharging of product.

What is ROB (Remaining on Board)?

At the end of container shipping, the ship’s crew need to comply with the industry standards for discharging the cargo. The ship need to show that all the pumpable cargo was discharged. Whereas the unpumpable cargo, often sludge and sediment, is the excessive residue of the cargo loaded remains on board when completing the discharge.

ROB is an abbreviation for the term “Remaining On Board”. It refers to the material remaining in vessel’s cargo tanks, void spaces, and associated lines and pumps after discharge, such as the oil, water, sludge and sediment.