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Marine Insurance Act 1906

The Marine Insurance Act 1906 (8 Edw. 7 c.41) is a UK Act of Parliament regulating marine insurance. The Act applies both to "ship & cargo" marine insurance, and to P&I cover.

What is Marine Insurance Act 1906?

The Act was drafted by Sir Mackenzie Dalzell Chalmers, who had earlier drafted the Sale of Goods Act 1893. The Act is a codifying act, that is to say, it attempts to collate existing common law and present it in a statutory (i.e. “codified”) form. In the event, the Act did more than merely codify the law, and some new elements were introduced in 1906. The Marine Insurance Act 1906 has been highly influential, as it governs not merely English Law, but it also dominates marine insurance worldwide through its wholesale adoption by other jurisdictions.