Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

CCL (Container Cleaning Fee)

For containers that are dirty, a washing fee will be charged by the depot to clean the container before it is stored.

What is CCL (Container Cleaning Fee)?

The business of global trade in container covers many commodities. Some of these commodities may cause the containers to be dirty, unclean, stained, have fumigation residue etc. A shipping line is expected and required to provide a good, clean sound condition container to the customer for exports. If the container is dirty, unclean, stained etc it cannot be used for exports. Therefore, the line may be required to clean the inbound empty container and make it cargo worthy for export bookings. This cleaning process may require actions such as water wash or chemical wash, which creates additional cost for the shipping line and this additional cost, the shipping line will recover from the consignee in the form of Container Cleaning Fee.