Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

AG (PG) (Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf))

The Arabian Gulf is an important strategic location.

What is AG (PG) (Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf))?

It has been widely used for transportation, especially for oil shipping. In addition, the Gulf region benefits from its diverse marine habitats and its water is used for desalination or other industrial means. With such tremendous activities, several pollutants are induced into the Gulf water. These pollutants originate from different sources such as oil spills, offshore exploration, dredging activities, coastal construction projects, and the discharge of ballast water and reject brine (Hamza and Munawar, 2009; Sheppard et al., 2010). Additional pressure is added owing to the development of new coastal industrial facilities or the expansion of existing ones along the Gulf's shorelines. These facilities have a negative impact on the marine environment.