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Port List by Port Code
Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Bahia de Caraquez ECBHA Feeder Port  Bahia de Caraquez City Port Ecuador
Balao Terminal ECBLT Feeder Port  Balao Terminal City Port Ecuador
Cuenca ECCUE  Dry Port Cuenca City Port Ecuador
Esmeraldas ECESM Feeder Port  Esmeraldas City Port Ecuador
Guayaquil ECGYEMain Port   Guayaquil City Port Ecuador
La Libertad,EC ECLLD Feeder Port  La Libertad City Port Ecuador
Manta,EC ECMEC Feeder Port  Manta City Port Ecuador
Puerto Bolivar ECPBO Feeder Port  Puerto Bolivar City Port Ecuador
San Lorenzo ECSLR Feeder Port  San Lorenzo City Port Ecuador
Quito ECUIO  Dry Port Quito City Port Ecuador
Muuga EEMUU Feeder Port  Tallinn Port Estonia
Narva Joesuu EENAJ   Narva Port Estonia
Parnu EEPRN Feeder Port  Parnu City Port Estonia
Sillamae EESLM Feeder Port  Sillamae City Port Estonia
Tallinn EETLL Feeder Port  Tallinn City Port Estonia
El Arish EGAAC Feeder Port  El Arish City Port Egypt
Adabiya EGADA Feeder Port  Adabiya City Port Egypt
Alexandria Old Port EGALY Feeder Port  Alexandria Port Egypt
Ain Sukhna EGASU Feeder Port  Ain Sukhna City Port Egypt
Aswan EGASW  Dry Port Aswan City Port Egypt
Abu Zenimah EGAZA Feeder Port  Abu Zeniman City Port Egypt
Cairo EGCAI Feeder Port  Cairo City Port Egypt
Damietta EGDAMMain Port   Damietta City Port Egypt
Dekheila EGDEK Feeder Port  Alexandria Port Egypt
Alexandria(New) EGEDK Feeder Port  Alexandria Port Egypt
Hurghada EGHRG Feeder Port  Hurghada City Port Egypt
Ismailia EGISM Feeder Port  Ismailia City Port Egypt
Kosseir EGKOS Feeder Port  Kosseir City Port Egypt
Mersa El Hamra EGMEH Feeder Port  Mersa El Alamein Port Egypt
Mersa Matruh EGMMA Feeder Port  Mersa Matruh City Port Egypt
Port Ibrahim EGPIB Feeder Port  Suez Port Egypt
Port Said EGPSDMain Port   Port Said City Port Egypt
Port Said East EGPSE Feeder Port  Port Said Port Egypt
Port Said West EGPSW Feeder Port  Port Said Port Egypt
Port Tewfik EGPTE Feeder Port  Suez Port Egypt
Ras Gharib EGRAG Feeder Port  Ras Gharib City Port Egypt
Ras Shukheir EGRSR Feeder Port  Ras Shukheir City Port Egypt
Safaga EGSGA Feeder Port  Safaga City Port Egypt
Sidi Kerir EGSKR Feeder Port  Alexandria Port Egypt
Sokhna EGSOKMain Port   Sokhna City Port Egypt
Sosdi EGSOS  Dry Port Giza Port Egypt
El Suweis EGSUZ Feeder Port  Suez Port Egypt
Wadi Feiran EGWDF Feeder Port  Wadi Feiran City Port Egypt
Ad Dakhla EHVIC Feeder Port  Dakhla City Port Western Sahara
Assab ERASA Feeder Port  Assab City Port Eritrea
Massawa ERMSW Feeder Port  Massawa City Port Eritrea
Arrecife de Lanzarate ESACE Feeder Port  Arrecife de Lanzarate City Port Spain
Adra ESADR   Adra City Port Spain
Malaga ESAGP Feeder Port  Malaga City Port Spain
Aguilas ESAGU Feeder Port  Aguilas City Port Spain
Alicante ESALC Feeder Port  Alicante City Port Spain
Alcudia ESALD Feeder Port  Alcudia City Port Spain
Algeciras ESALG Feeder Port  Algeciras City Port Spain
Aviles ESAVS Feeder Port  Aviles City Port Spain
Barcelona ESBCNMain Port   Barcelona City Port Spain
Burgos ESBGS  Dry Port Burgos City Port Spain
Bilbao ESBIO Feeder Port  Bilbao City Port Spain
Badajoz ESBJZ  Dry Port Badajoz City Port Spain
Burela ESBLA Feeder Port  Burela City Port Spain
Blanes ESBNS   Blanes City Port Spain
Burriana ESBUR Feeder Port  Burriana City Port Spain
Cadiz ESCAD Feeder Port  Cadiz City Port Spain
Cartagena,ES ESCARMain Port   Cartagena City Port Spain
Castellon ESCAS Feeder Port  Castellon De La Plana City Port Spain
Corcubion ESCBN Feeder Port  Corcubion City Port Spain
Ceuta ESCEU Feeder Port  Ceuta City Port Spain
Castro Urdiales ESCUR   Castro Urdiales City Port Spain
Denia ESDEN Feeder Port  Denia City Port Spain
San Sebastian ESEAS Feeder Port  San Sebastian City Port Spain
Escombreras Harbour ESESH Feeder Port  Cartagena Port Spain
Ferrol ESFRO Feeder Port  Ferrol City Port Spain
Puerto Del Rosario ESFUE Feeder Port  Puerto Del Rosario City Port Spain
Gandia ESGAN Feeder Port  Gandia City Port Spain
Garrucha ESGAR Feeder Port  Garrucha City Port Spain
Gijon ESGIJ Feeder Port  Gijon City Port Spain
Huelva ESHUE Feeder Port  Huelva City Port Spain
Ibiza ESIBI Feeder Port  Ibiza City Port Spain
Javea ESJAV Feeder Port  Javea City Port Spain
La Coruna ESLCG Feeder Port  La Coruna City Port Spain
Almeria ESLEI Feeder Port  Almeria City Port Spain
Las Palmas ESLPA Feeder Port  Las Palmas City Port Spain
Luarca ESLUA Feeder Port  Luarca City Port Spain
Madrid ESMAD  Dry Port Madrid City Port Spain
Mahon ESMAH Feeder Port  Mahon City Port Spain
Marin ESMAR Feeder Port  Marin City Port Spain
Mazarron ESMAZ Feeder Port  Mazarron City Port Spain
Melilla ESMLN Feeder Port  Melilla City Port Spain
Motril ESMOT Feeder Port  Motril City Port Spain
Pasaia ESPAS Feeder Port  Pasaia City Port Spain
Pontevedra ESPEV Feeder Port  Pontevedra City Port Spain
Palamos ESPLS Feeder Port  Palamos City Port Spain
Palma de Mallorca ESPMI Feeder Port  Palma de Mallorca City Port Spain
Ribadeo ESRDO Feeder Port  Ribadeo City Port Spain
Ribadesella ESRIB Feeder Port  Ribadesella City Port Spain
Rosas ESROS Feeder Port  Rosas City Port Spain
Rota ESROT Feeder Port  Rota City Port Spain
Sagunto ESSAG Feeder Port  Sagunto City Port Spain
San Carlos,ES ESSCA Feeder Port  San Carlos City Port Spain
San Cibrao ESSCI Feeder Port  San Cibrao City Port Spain
Santa Cruz de Tenerife ESSCT Feeder Port  Tenerife Port Spain
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