IATA Codes initial L

Airport List by Country
City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Beirut BEY Custom City Rafic Hariri International Airport Lebanon
Vilnius VNO Custom City Vilnius International Airport Lithuania
Luxembourg LUX Custom City Luxembourg-Findel International Airport Luxembourg
Riga RIX Custom City Riga International Airport Latvia
Tripoli TIP Custom City Tripoli International Airport Libya
Monrovia ROB Custom Roberts International Airport Liberia
Benghazi BEN Custom City Benina International Airport Libya
Tripoli MJI Mitiga International Airport Libya
Monrovia MLW Custom City James Spriggs Payne Airport Liberia
Maseru MSU Custom City Moshoeshoe I International Airport Lesotho
Misurata MRA City Misrata International Airport Libya
Kaunas KUN Custom City Kaunas International Airport Lithuania
Seshote SHZ City Seshote Airport Lesotho
Semongkong SOK City Semongkong Airport Lesotho
Sebha SEB Custom City Sabha Airport Libya
Palanga PLQ Custom City Palanga International Airport Lithuania
Sehonghong SHK City Sehonghong Airport Lesotho
Siauliai SQQ Custom City Siauliai International Airport Lithuania
Tchien THC City Tchien Airport Liberia
Nimba NIA City Nimba Airport Liberia
Tripoli KYE City Rene Mouawad AB Lebanon
Klaipeda KLJ Klein's airport Lithuania
Barysiai HLJ City Barysiai Airport Lithuania
Tlokoeng TKO City Tlokoeng Airport Lesotho
Sasstown SAZ City Sasstown Airport Liberia
Pelaneng PEL City Pelaneng Airport Lesotho
Ghadames LTD City Ghadames East Airport Libya
Pakse PKZ Custom City Pakse International Airport(Ceased) Laos
Harper CPA Cape Palmas Airport Liberia
Lesobeng LES City Lesobeng Airport Lesotho
Qacha's Nek UNE City Qachas Nek Airport Lesotho
Beida LAQ City Al Abraq International Airport Libya
Nkaus NKU City Nkaus Airport Lesotho
Grand Cess GRC City Grand Cess Airport Liberia
Kufrah AKF Kufra Airport Libya
Lebakeng LEF City Lebakeng Airport Lesotho
Mokhotlong MKH City Mokhotlong Airport Lesotho
Mafeteng MFC City Mafeteng Airport Lesotho
Daugavpils DGP Daugavpils International Airport Latvia
Sirte SRX City Gardabya Airport Libya
Houn HUQ City Hon Airport Libya
Thaba-Tseka THB City Thaba Tseka Airport Lesotho
Greenville SNI City Greenville Sinoe Airport Liberia
Liepaya LPX City Liepaja International Airport Latvia
Jounieh GJN City Jounieh Airport Lebanon
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