IATA Codes initial G

Airport List by Country
City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Frankfurt FRA Custom City Frankfurt International Airport Germany
Athens ATH Custom City Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport Greece
Munich MUC Custom City Munich International Airport Germany
Dusseldorf DUS Custom City Dusseldorf Airport Germany
Stuttgart STR Custom City Stuttgart Airport Germany
Hamburg HAM Custom City Hamburg Airport Germany
Leipzig LEJ Custom City Leipzig Halle Airport Germany
Cologne CGN Custom City Cologne Bonn Airport Germany
Berlin BER Custom City Berlin Brandenburg International Airport Germany
Guatemala City GUA Custom City La Aurora International Airport Guatemala
Accra ACC Custom City Kotoka International Airport Ghana
Hahn HHN Custom Frankfurt Hahn Airport Germany
Nurnberg NUE Custom City Nuremberg International Airport Germany
Hannover HAJ Custom City Flughafen Hannover Langenhagen Airport Germany
Munster FMO Custom City Munster Osnabruck International Airport Germany
Bremen BRE Custom City Bremen Airport Germany
Conakry CKY Custom City Conakry International Airport Guinea
Berlin TXL Custom Flughafen Berlin-Tegel Airport(Ceased) Germany
Thessaloniki SKG Custom City Thessaloniki Makedonia International Airport Greece
Libreville LBV Custom City Leon M'Ba International Airport Gabon
Dresden DRS Custom City Dresden Airport Germany
Banjul BJL Custom City Banjul International Airport Gambia
Dortmund DTM Custom City Dortmund Airport Germany
Bissau OXB Custom City Oswaldo Vieira International Airport Guinea-Bissau
Heraklion HER Custom City Heraklion International Airport Greece
Duisburg DUI City Duisburg Airport Germany
Takoradi TKD City Takoradi Airport Ghana
Port Gentil POG Custom City Port Gentil Airport Gabon
Erfurt ERF Custom City Erfurt Weimar Airport Germany
Mannheim MHG City Mannheim-City Airport Germany
Augsburg AGB Custom City Augsburg Airport Germany
Bubaque BQE Bubaque Airport Guinea-Bissau
Saarbruecken SCN Custom City Flughafen Saarbrucken Airport Germany
Aachen AAH Merzbruck Airport Germany
Kankan KNN Custom City Kankan Airport Guinea
Kiel KEL City Holtenau Airport Germany
Bielefeld BFE City Bielefeld Airport Germany
Carmelita CMM City Carmelita Airport Guatemala
Lastourville LTL City Lastourville Airport Gabon
Bremerhaven BRV City Bremerhaven Airport Germany
Paderborn/Lippstadt PAD City Paderborn Lippstadt Airport Germany
Dos Lagunas DON Dos Lagunas Airport Guatemala
Furstenfeldbruck FEL City Furstenfeldbruck Air Base Airport Germany
Kos KGS Custom City Kos Island International Airport Greece
Santorini JTR Custom City Santorini (Thira) National Airport Greece
Friedrichshafen FDH Custom City Friedrichshafen Airport Germany
Paso Caballos PCG Paso Caballos Airport Guatemala
Zakinthos Island ZTH Custom City Zakynthos International Airport Greece
Volos VOL City Nea Anchialos National Airport Greece
Berlin SXF Custom Berlin Schonefeld Airport(Ceased) Germany
Manega MGO City Manega Airport Gabon
Kalamata KLX Custom City Kalamata International Airport Greece
Mykonos Island JMK Custom City Mykonos Island National Airport Greece
Ramstein RMS City Ramstein Air Base Airport Germany
Rhodes RHO Custom City Diagoras/Maritsa Airport Greece
Kaieteur KAI City Kaieteur Airport Guyana
Kassel KSF City Kassel Airport Germany
Berlin THF Berlin Tempelhof Airport Germany
Paros PAS Custom City Paros Airport Greece
Chania CHQ Custom Chania International Airport Greece
Heide-Busum HEI City Heide Busum Airport Germany
Monchengladbach MGL Monchengladbach Airport Germany
Kerkyra CFU Custom Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport Greece
Emden EME City Emden Airport Germany
Ioannina IOA Custom City Ioannina Airport Greece
Sembach SEX Sembach Airport Germany
Essen ESS City Essen Airport Germany
Skyros SKU City Skyros Island National Airport Greece
Rostock RLG Custom City Rostock Airport Germany
Kumasi KMS City Kumasi Airport Ghana
Karlsruhe QCA Karlsruhe-Forchheim Airport Germany
Kithira KIT City Kithira Island National Airport Greece
Dusseldorf NRN Weeze Airport Germany
Faranah FAA City Faranah Airport Guinea
Patras GPA Custom City Araxos Airport Greece
Akieni AKE Akieni Airport Gabon
Lahr LHA City Lahr Airport Germany
Franceville/Mvengue MVB Custom City M'Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba International Airport Gabon
Macenta MCA City Macenta Airport Guinea
Kavala KVA Custom City Megas Alexandros International Airport Greece
Braunschweig BWE City Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport Germany
Tamale TML City Tamale Airport Ghana
Mouila MJL City Mouilla Ville Airport Gabon
Tchibanga TCH City Tchibanga Airport Gabon
Frankfurt am Main QGV Neu Isenburg Airport Germany
Medouneu MDV City Medouneu Airport Gabon
Wilhelmshaven WVN City JadeWeser Airport Germany
Preveza/Lefkas PVK City Aktion National Airport Greece
Heidelberg HDB City Heidelberg Airport Germany
Flores FRS City Mundo Maya International Airport Guatemala
Leros LRS Custom City Leros Airport Greece
Varrelbusch VAC City Varrelbusch Airport Germany
Kastoria KSO Custom City Kastoria National Airport Greece
Worms ZQV Worms Airport Germany
Kefallinia Island EFL Custom Kefallinia International Airport Greece
Westerland GWT City Sylt Airport Germany
Skiathos JSI Custom City Skiathos Island National Airport Greece
Hamburg XFW Finkenwerder Airport Germany
Siegen SGE City Siegerland Airport Germany
Geilenkirchen GKE City NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen Germany
Rio Dulce LCF City Las Vegas Airport Guatemala
Milos MLO Custom City Milos Airport Greece
Celle ZCN Celle Airport Germany
Heidelberg QHD Heidelberg Aaf Airport Germany
Konawaruk KKG City Konawaruk Airport Guyana
Lubeck LBC Lubeck Blankensee Airport Germany
Poptun PON City Poptun Airport Guatemala
Norderney NRD City Norderney Airport Germany
Straubing RBM City Straubing Wallmuhle Airport Germany
Neubrandenburg FNB City Neubrandenburg Airport Germany
Santa Cruz del Quiche AQB Quiche Airport Guatemala
Chios JKH Custom City Chios Island National Airport Greece
Mainz QMZ Mainz Finthen Airport Germany
Altenburg AOC City Leipzig Altenburg Airport Germany
Larisa LRA City Larisa Airport Greece
Booue BGB Booue Airport Gabon
NDjole KDJ City Ville Airport Gabon
Naxos JNX Custom City Naxos Airport Greece
Fria FIG City Fria Airport Guinea
Melchor de Mencos MCR Melchor de Mencos Airport Guatemala
Ekereku EKE Ekereku Airport Guyana
Schwerin SZW City Parchim International Airport Germany
Retalhuleu RER City Retalhuleu Airport Guatemala
Lorrach QLO Lorrach Airport Germany
Karpathos AOK Custom Karpathos Island National Airport Greece
Bitam BMM Bitam Airport Gabon
Norvenich QOE Norvenich airport Germany
Kelsterbach QLH Kelsterbach Airport Germany
Spangdahlem SPM City Spangdahlem Air Base Airport Germany
El Naranjo ENJ El Naranjo Airport Guatemala
Bayreuth BYU Bindlacher Berg Airport Germany
Chiquimula CIQ Chiquimula Airport Guatemala
Sparta SPJ City Sparta Airport Greece
Bemichi BCG Bemichi Airport Guyana
Lemnos LXS Custom City Limnos Airport Greece
Fritzlar FRZ City Fritzlar Air Base Germany
Illisheim ILH City Illisheim Airport Germany
Geita GII City Geita Airport Guinea
Coban CBV Coban Airport Guatemala
Coatepeque CTF City Coatepeque Airport Guatemala
Hanau ZNF Hanau Army AirField Airport Germany
Borkum BMK Borkum Airfield Germany
Konstanz QKZ Konstanz Airport Germany
Kissidougou KSI City Kissidougou Airport Guinea
Okondja OKN City Okondja Airport Gabon
Puerto Barrios PBR City Puerto Barrios Airport Guatemala
Sunyani NYI City Sunyani Airport Ghana
Kozani KZI City Filippos Airport Greece
Miele Mimbale GIM City Miele Mimbale Airport Gabon
Neumunster EUM City Neumunster Airport Germany
Heringsdorf HDF City Heringsdorf Airport Germany
Boke BKJ Boke Baralande Airport Guinea
Sitia JSH Custom City Sitia Public Airport Greece
Drama DRM Drama Airport Greece
Rubelsanto RUV City Rubelsanto Airport Guatemala
Kasos Island KSJ City Kasos Airport Greece
Bitburg BBJ City Bitburg Airport Germany
Nzerekore NZE City Nzerekore Airport Guinea
Porto Cheli PKH City Porto Cheli Airport Greece
Langeoog LGO City Langeoog Airport Germany
Lemwerder XLW City Lemwerder Airport Germany
Cottbus CBU Cottbus Drewitz Airport Germany
Oberpfaffenhofen OBF City Oberpfaffenhofen Airport Germany
Quezaltenango AAZ Quetzaltenango Airport Guatemala
Alexandroupolis AXD Custom City Alexandroupolis Dimokritos Airport Greece
Schleswig WBG City Fliegerhorst Schleswig Airport Germany
Labe LEK City Tata Airport Guinea
Samos SMI Custom City Samos International Airport Greece
Crailsheim QEI Off-line Pt Crailsheim Airport Germany
Baltrum BMR Baltrum Airport Germany
Mytilene MJT Custom City Mytilene International Airport Greece
Rheindahlen GMY Rheindahlen Airport Germany
Fougamou FOU City Fougamou Airport Gabon
Omboue OMB City Omboue Hospital Airport Gabon
Ikaria JIK City Ikaria Island Airport Greece
Rheine Bentlage ZPQ Rheine Air Base Airport Germany
Sette Cama ZKM Sette Cama Airport Gabon
Biawonque BAW Biawonque Airport Gabon
Moanda MFF City Moanda Airport Gabon
Nkan NKA City Nkan Airport Gabon
Boeblingen PHM Boeblingen Airport Germany
Flensburg FLF City Flensburg-Schaferhaus Airport Germany
Astypalaia Island JTY City Astypalaia Island National Airport Greece
Juist JUI City Juist Airport Germany
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