IATA Codes initial E

Airport List by Country
City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Cairo CAI Custom City Cairo International Airport Egypt
Addis Ababa ADD Custom City Bole International Airport Ethiopia
San Salvador SAL Custom City El Salvador International Airport El Salvador
Tallinn TLL Custom City Tallinn lennujaam Airport Estonia
Malabo SSG Custom City Malabo Airport Equatorial Guinea
Alexandria HBE Custom Borg El Arab International Airport Egypt
Asmara ASM Custom City Asmara International Airport Eritrea
Alexandria ALY City Alexandria International Airport Egypt
Dembidollo DEM Dembidolo Airport Ethiopia
Abu Simbel ABS Abu Simbel Airport Egypt
Melka Jebdu DIR Custom City Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport Ethiopia
Sharm El Sheikh SSH City Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Egypt
Moyale MYS Moyale Airport Ethiopia
Bata BSG Custom Bata Airport Equatorial Guinea
Asela ALK Asela Airport Ethiopia
Dakhla Oasis DAK Dakhla Oasis Airport Egypt
Awassa AWA Awasa Airport Ethiopia
Port Said PSD City Port Said Airport Egypt
Aswan ASW Custom Aswan International Airport Egypt
Hurghada HRG City Hurghada International Airport Egypt
Luxor LXR Custom City Luxor International Airport Egypt
Tessenei TES City Tessenei Airport Eritrea
Kon KCI Kon Airport East Timor
El Arish AAC El Arish International Airport Egypt
Abu Rudeis AUE Abu Rudeis Airport Egypt
Assab ASA Custom Assab International Airport Eritrea
Cairo AGY Air Go Airlines Egypt
Mersa Matruh MUH City Mersa Matruh Airport Egypt
Gambela GMB City Gambela Airport Ethiopia
Tartu TAY City Tartu Airport Estonia
Jinka BCO Baco Airport Ethiopia
Beica BEI Beica Airport Ethiopia
Parnu EPU City Parnu Airport Estonia
Tallinn QUF Pirita Harbour Estonia
El Tor ELT El Tor Airport Egypt
Mota OTA City Mota Airport Ethiopia
Makale MQX City Alula Aba Nega Airport Ethiopia
Jimma JIM City Aba Segud Airport Ethiopia
Marsa Alam RMF City Marsa Alam International Airport Egypt
Shilabo HIL City Shilavo Airport Ethiopia
Jijiga JIJ City Jigiga Airport Ethiopia
Bahar Dar BJR City Bahir Dar Airport Ethiopia
Asosa ASO Asosa Airport Ethiopia
Kebri Dahar ABK Kabri Dar Airport Ethiopia
Gore GOR City Gore Airport Ethiopia
Arba Mintch AMH City Arba Minch Airport Ethiopia
Kardla KDL City Kardla Airport Estonia
Metemma ETE City Genda Wuha Airport Ethiopia
Axum AXU Axum Airport Ethiopia
Dili DIC Dili City Heliport Airport East Timor
Neghelli EGL Neghelle Airport Ethiopia
Goba GOB City Robe Airport Ethiopia
Massawa MSW City Massawa International Airport Eritrea
Loja LOH City Catamayo City Airport Ecuador
Lalibela LLI City Lalibella Airport Ethiopia
Mendi NDM City Mendi Airport Ethiopia
Taba TCP City Taba International Airport Egypt
Debre Tabor DBT Debre Tabor Airport Ethiopia
Oecussi OEC City Oecusse Airport East Timor
Mendez MZD City Mendez Airport Ecuador
Nejjo NEJ City Nejjo Airport Ethiopia
Shakiso SKR City Shakiso Airport Ethiopia
Assiut ATZ City Asyut Airport Egypt
Waca WAC City Waca Airport Ethiopia
Mena MZX City Mena Airport Ethiopia
Mizan Teferi MTF City Mizan Teferi Airport Ethiopia
Gode GDE City Gode Airport Ethiopia
Shark El Oweinat GSQ City Sharq El Owainat Airport Egypt
Tippi TIE City Tippi Airport Ethiopia
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