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Nashville International Airport


Cargo Airport in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

City Nashville Country/Region USA (US)

Airport (Part 139 Class I)

Hub for G4
Latitude 36.1245 Longitude -86.6782
Time Zone -06:00 Phone Number (615) 275-1675

Introduction of Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Nashville International Airport, or BNA airport, is located 8 miles (13km) east of the downtown of Nashville, Tennessees capital.


BNA Airport plays an important role in airfreight shipping in Tennessee. As one of the major air cargo hubs in Tennessee, BNA, along with other airports, handled air cargo shipments in and out of Tennessee that were worth of 13.1 billion dollars in 2019. It is also home to multiple airlines. Here we will put a list of airlines based at BNA that can transport cargoes from BNA for your information:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines Cargo


Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

Air General


BNA airport is connected to the following cities with its non-stop flight services:

The US: Seattle, Salt Lake City, Oakland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Greenville, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Long Island, and more.

Canada: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal-PET

Mexico: Cancun

England: London


For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of Nashville International Airport:


Besides, new direct flight services will be provided this year (2023) as a part of an expansion of its non-stop service markets. For example, destinations like Vancouver (Canada), and Phoenix (America) will be added.  


It is worth mentioning that Amazon Air made Nashville International Airport a part of its logistics network by landing Amazon Air cargo aircraft at BNA in 2020. Fulfilling orders to customers in Tennessee would be further expedited.


In recent years Nashville International Airport has been striving to increase its air cargo capacity and keep up with the growing passenger volume. It had announced an investment worth of 1.4 billion dollars for improvement and expansion, which is scheduled to be completed in late 2023. The investment plan involves building two concourses, adding a new airfreight building, upgrading the current terminal roadways, and making the baggage handling system more efficient to use. In doing so, different cargo requirements of airlines will be better met and the future passenger flow can be well managed.


BNA is also a major hub for passengers, serving more than 17 million each year.


Passengers may be concerned about what services they can enjoy when waiting for flights. Options abound actually: dining, cafe, duty-free shopping, manicure, massaging, or just surfing on the Internet with free WiFi access. Extra needs like exchanging foreign currency could also be satisfied. The following services are provided by the airport as well: Lost and Found, Medical services, Luggage Storage, and Childrens area.


In the ticketing lobby, you can even enjoy public art pieces, some of which are on rotating exhibits while others are permanent acquisitions.


Nashville is also viewed as the Music City. Live music is one way for it to make a name. BNA airport has blended music with the hustles of the airport, featuring up to six performance areas in its terminal.   


Passengers have flexible ground transportation options to reach Nashville International Airport: buses, shuttles, taxis, or rental cars. Ride-sharing services (including Uber and Lyft) are also allowed by BNA. 

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